Newsletter June

Improvements of the D4-S040 robot

Continuously improving our robots is one of the core tasks of the Engineers at Codian Robotics.

To make our D4-S040 even more efficient, a number of improvements have been made for this model. The result is a 3- or 4-axis robot with more stability and even better performance.

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Inertia Absorber

When using longer grippers that rotate, you often see that the end of the gripper wobbles after.

That does not have to be a problem, because the Pick and Place position remains accurate. Until now, this movement has been reduced with software programming. That requires a lot of work and time and therefore money.

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Expansion of services

Continuous improvement of all aspects surrounding our products and business operations is one of the core values of Codian Robotics.

For this reason, a Service Engineer is now available for our customers in Europe. Our Delta Pick & Place robots have a unique design, which means that little or no maintenance is required on the robot. If you still need a Service Engineer, we have it.

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Customers Only

To make life a little easier and to provide the best possible service, our Customer Portal is now available.

For your convenience we have created a customer portal. On this portal you can find useful information, like 3D step files. Once you have access to the Codian Robotics Customer Portal, you have access to the most up-to-date information.

Customers only

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