We will continue our services

The Codian Robotics Delta robot is used for fast applications, usually for food.

We design and manufacture this important element and will continue to do so.

These days we face unusual situations. We take care of our relationships and our employees. We take all the preparations necessary to stay healthy and deliver the necessary robots on time to our customers who are essential suppliers in the global food industry.

If you have been to the supermarket recently, you have seen the impact of this on the food supply chain. Our equipment and parts are essential to our customers’ ability to continue to produce, package and ship products to replenish these shelves.

Since Codian Robotics is a supplier to the global food industry, we are an essential operation and you can count on us to continue to supply our robots to ensure that there will be no production disruption for our customers .

We are now in an unprecedented situation that can change from hour to hour. If things change on our side, we will notify you immediately via our website. Let’s work together and help us get through this situation.

For any questions, please contact us: Sales@Codian-Robotics.com.


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